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This was my second time going to Spain, and the first time in Ibiza!

The magical island of Ibiza is named after Tanit, the female Greek god of sun and dance. Ibiza offers a variety of excursions, other than partying. People come here for yoga retreats, meditation, beaches, and more.

Let me start by saying this place is pure tranquility. According to locals, Ibiza is not as crazy as it used to be. They say it’s gotten significantly calmed down in the last ten years. So, if you’re wondering if Ibiza is an excellent vacation spot for unwinding and relaxation, it totally is.

Places to visit

Playa de Bossa, Ibiza Town, The Salty Beach, Formentera, and if you want to spend the evening looking over Spain’s most alluring sunset, you must go to Es Vedra.


beach hotel

We stayed in a hotel for the first three days, before moving into a Villa near the countryside. The best part about staying on the beachside is being able to walk or bike everywhere.

How to get around

When you’re in Ibiza, you’re either going to be walking, biking, or on the ferry. I prefer the ferry above everything, because their fast, cheap, and super convenient. They run about every 15 minutes for as low as $5! Unless you are staying in the countryside, you won’t need to rent a car.

Staying in the countryside

We stayed in the countryside for the remainder of the trip. As much as I enjoyed living close to the beach and walking along the boardwalk every morning, I also loved being out in the country.

The house was your typical Boho-Meditteranean Spanish Villa. The commute from the country to the beachside isn’t too bad. It’s about a 15-minute drive.

Island of Es Vedra

My two friends who live in Ibiza took us to a beautiful and secluded spot called Es Vedra. There’s a magnetic field around the entire mountain and people from all over the world fly here to practice yoga and meditation. It was a spiritual and enlightening experience for me. After a while, my entire body felt a bit numb and tingly.

Overall, Ibiza is such a special place. One week was not enough for me. The energy, the sun, the music, and beaches– it’s all breathtaking. One of my favorite trips thus far! I cannot wait to go back next Summer.

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