Say goodbye to quiet nights.

Miami is like a rainbow of chaos. In addition to the 24-hour nightclubs, loud people, and over-priced restaurants, Miami has a lot to offer. It’s a gorgeous city that’s growing with opportunity. Heads up, you’ll probably end up developing that Cuban accent. It’s contagious.

1. Weather

You can get rid of your coats, sweaters, and boots right now. Flip flops and T-shirts are the only clothes you’ll need in Miami, all year round including winter. Miami rains almost every day during the summer. If it’s not raining, its hot as hell.

2. Location matters

Miami is a huge city. Prior to moving, you should do some exploring around the city.  Some popular areas to live in are South Beach, Midtown, Wynwood, Downtown, Coral Gables, Brickell, Sunny Isles and Aventura. I recommend looking into Wynwood before prices get crazy.  South Beach is also beautiful but it’s probably the busiest area to live in because of all the tourists. However, South Beach is great because you don’t need a car. If price isn’t an issue, I recommend looking into Brickell or Downtown. Personally, my first choice would be Mid-town because it’s located in the heart of Miami.

3. Food and Dining

There are hundreds of hidden gems around the city. If you’re a foodie, you’ll absolutely love it. From the coffee shops, empanada’s, and food trucks, you won’t be disappointed.  Eating out in Miami is a fun experience. Although you’re paying more, your also receiving more. Some restaurants offer live music and performances, free appetizers, and amazing happy-hour deals. The thing I do miss most about Miami is the late-night food. Some places are open until 2am, some even 5am (great for drunk munchies).

4. Beware of traffic and camera lights 

If there’s a major heat game or any big event happening in downtown like Art Basel, forget trying to get anywhere. If there’s a huge concert at the Fillmore on South Beach, don’t even bother driving near that direction. It will take you at least an hour, just to go 2 miles away. Oh and beware of the traffic lights with cameras. Tickets are around $180.

Disclaimer: Do not park on the south beach because 80% of the time you will be towed.

5. Diversity

You’re always going to meet people from different parts of the world. Like most cities, there are ethnic neighborhoods in Miami, such as little Havana, little Haiti, little Tel Aviv, little Moscow, and more. Diversity is everywhere. I think this is one of the upsides to living in a city. There are so many people you’ll get to interact with from different cultures and backgrounds.

6. Fast-paced 
Miami isn’t as chill as most people think. From the never-ending traffic to long work hours, people are always moving. Since people usually migrate to big cities in hopes of earning a heftier income or to seek opportunity, there’s a lot of competition. Most locals are working and partying at the same time. Though after a few months of living in Miami, the ‘Dos and Donts’ of navigating your finances efficiently will come to you.

7. There is always something to do

You’re never going to run out of things to do in the Miami. Miami’s Design District is known for its hip-modern architecture, upscale shopping, and popular restaurants. The Wynwood Walls are flooded with beautiful artwork. They even have an art walk every other Saturday, for free. Take advantage of the events in this city because most of the time they are free or very inexpensive. Plus it’s a great way to socialize and meet new people.

8. Avoid the touristy spots

There are certain areas to avoid because they deliberately exist to rip off the tourists. Stay away.

9. Driving

Although having a car is useful, sometimes its just not worth driving anywhere in Miami. The majority of people prefer uber because traffic is a bitch and parking is a nightmare. If you live in south beach, you’re in luck because you won’t need a car! Everything and I do mean everything is walking distance. But if you live in South Miami or North Miami, things are more spread out so you’re probably going to need some form of transportation.


My favorite part about living in Miami are the views. There is nothing like Miami sunsets, they are absolutely breathtaking. It’s the most incredible view to experience. You will never grow tired of the scenery.



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