Why You Should Stop Worrying and Start Experiencing

I went back home for the weekend. Not for any particular reason, other than wanting to take a break from my accustomed lifestyle. I called up one of my closest girlfriends Elise, to meet up for drinks. I wanted a chill-night out to blow off some steam with good company.

She took me to a local bar on the beach, a few blocks away from my place. It’s funny how every time I go back home there’s always a new venue I fall in love with. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. But it makes me appreciate the city more. 

I used to love going to loud venues, with DJs, that filled the air with large crowds and smokey clouds. Now, I only go to bars that lie behind the busiest streets, at the back of some hipster taco bar. You always run into the most beautiful minds in these unknown places. 

After an hour, the conversations became heavier and we got into a deep talk about life (per usual). Maybe it was the alcohol or the fact that I hadn’t had a night away from home, away from my relationship in almost 5 months.

I confronted her with a bunch of questions and started ranting about the future and what my next move would be. 

In mid-breath, she stopped me and said chill the fuck out and finish your drink. I can’t remember her exact words but it was something along these lines:

“Worrying about the future creates anxiety and thinking about the past brings sadness to the present.”

Her words pierced right into my soul, calming the chaos in my mind. I didn’t realize it then, but I needed to hear them. We all have this tendency of worrying about meaningless crap, instead of learning to enjoy the moment and fall in love with the little things.

It goes like this: Your mind races, dancing from one thought to the next.  You get lost in your thoughts and begin to think about the “what if’s” and “what’s next.” You think about what he/she said the other day and what they meant. You contemplate the future or reminisce on the past. Being everywhere but the present.

Next thing you know, weeks and months fly by and instead of living life, you’re constantly over thinking about it.  Doubts arise, anxiety heightens and the fear of failure almost prevents you from trying. You ask yourself, “am I enough?” or “what am I doing with my life?” 

You have ideas and goals, yet still feel discouraged. You are so focused on everyone around you, to the point you feel psychologically pressured by society. You begin to doubt yourself because it feels like you haven’t accomplished much. All because you are so worried about everything around you. 

We forget to just live life without stressing every damn minute.

If there’s one thing I am certain of, it’s that nobody knows what they’re doing. We pretend we have our shit together when in reality, we’re all lost. We take what we can and make it work. And 90% of the time we do try, we end up failing and that’s ok. 

You have to stop worrying about ‘what if’ or fearing things that have not yet occurred. It only hurts you at the end. Take time and space and enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive. Being outdoors, exposing yourself to new experiences, interacting with people you love, and being present in the moment. Spend time doing more things you love.

Because when we over-analyze every detail in our life, we don’t get to experience what’s happening at the moment. And there’s nothing worse than looking back in life and realizing you didn’t at least try to make the best out of every moment. It’s through our stories and personal experiences that we find purpose and drive. Our creativity stems from our voice.

Stay Growing

Personal Lifestyle blogger passionate about growth and self-improvement.

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