How To Increase Focus and Reduce Stress

Excessive thinking will make you crazy. For most of us, when we don’t get the outcome we hoped for or something awful occurs, we become worried and anxious and start thinking negatively. We don’t give ourselves time to naturally experience what’s happening at the moment. Instead, we stress ourselves out for no reason and create problems out of thin air. Developing mindfulness can be very beneficial because it effectively increases focus, self-awareness, and reduces stress.  

Experience the process

A great way of developing mindfulness is learning to experience bodily sensations without clinging to them. For example, when you’re walking be aware of your body, observe your breathing, pay attention to your sensations, and notice your feelings and thoughts as they arise. Observe all your vibrations and deeply experience what’s happening at the moment with a silent mind. 

Observing Thoughts without Clinging

Mindful thinking is simply being aware of your thoughts when they arise without getting involved by the content. Observe thoughts without judgment, without reacting, without identifying with them. People don’t realize that over-thinking and anxiety often arise when we cling and obsess over every thought. You subconsciously become so consumed by the content of the thought and get lost. By simply being aware and letting go, you can avoid all that unnecessary stress and anxiety. You will be surprised to see how quickly thoughts disappear once you start detaching from them.

Experiencing emotions without judgment

Often times, we are unable to process our emotions because we’re too busy clinging to an idea, moment, or thought. When we’re unattentive to our feelings, the mind becomes incredibly unbalanced. As a result, we are unable to process things or act without judgment. We must learn to observe feelings with detachment and balance. For instance when you’re angry, learn to recognize it and let it go, without grasping or condemning the feeling. 

What is Bare Attention and why is it important? 

Bare attention is learning how to listen to our minds, our bodies, our environment. How do we develop awareness? From experiencing things with a silent mind, without our thoughts and concepts about them. It’s transitioning from the thought-conceptual level of mind to intuitive-experiential level. Most importantly, it’s the experience of the truth within ourselves which is free of ideas and opinions. Rather than suppressing our feelings, we should learn to observe and experience them it in a natural way. When you become aware of what is happening in the present moment, the unpleasant feelings and thoughts will begin to vanish instantaneously. You will realize how freeing it feels to be able to experience things with simplicity, with a balance and collected mind. This way you are able to relax behind the pain and naturally observe the flow of life. 

Some benefits of cultivating mindfulness:

  •  It keeps the mind grounded and collected
  • Keeps the mind focused
  • Intuitiveness is developed
  • Profound listening occurs
  • A deep understanding of who we are is revealed

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