Everyone has the power to change their life, but only a few ever do.  If you have a passion for change and a desire to improve your life, there is no better time than right now.  As someone who’s lazy AF, yet ambitious about achieving my goals, here are a few things I do to help get my sh*t together.

1. Prioritize yourself 

Doing little things such as making lists, jotting down your plans, and making timelines for your goals will definitely make it easier to get things done. Put constant reminders for yourself, and don’t wait last minute to complete them. Get creative and start on small projects. Take it one day at a time, and don’t rush yourself.

2. Eliminate distractions 

Remove things from your life that aren’t in anyway benefiting you. Look at the big picture, rather than what is convenient for you right now. Most of the time, what we think matters at the moment, has no lasting impact in the future.

3. Surround yourself with people who share the same goals

The best thing I ever did was cut toxic people from my life. Since we are easily influenced by the company we surround ourselves with, its crucial that you cut people from your life who don’t share your ambition or mindset. When you hang out with people who are goal-oriented and highly productive it inspires you to work hard.

4. Take on promising opportunities

Because there is always something to gain from a new challenge. Stop thinking about the risks, and think more about the benefits. Get out of your rut, and do something different. Be open to change and learn to love discomfort.

5. Forgive yourself 

Quit being so hard on yourself, you’re only human. We often ignore our instincts and act on temporary feelings, which we later on regret. Nobody expects you to have all the answers, or be perfect. Our mistakes grow us. Forgive yourself when needed, and put the past behind you.

6. Find Inspiration within yourself

Every now and then you should take time away from your normal routine. Spend the weekend going camping, take a road trip up north, and do more unfamiliar things. Try to find a little bit of inspiration each day. Whether it’s working out, helping someone out, or doing something for the first time, you should expose yourself to new things whenever the opportunity arises.

7. Take risks

Don’t underestimate yourself. If you’re passionate about something, go after it. Whether it’s submitting an article online, promoting a work of art, or recording a song, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Recognize your potential and don’t allow the insecurities of others discourage you. You are your own person. What might not work for others, may very well work for you.

8. Leave your comfort zone

Every time we step away from what we’re used too, we learn something new about ourselves and the world.  Stop taking the easy route and take the road you have not yet explored. When you have this mindset of always wanting to do something new, life will begin to change in ways you cannot even imagine. The more you do things that terrify you, the less afraid you will be of falling.

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