Drifting Apart

Falling out of love has nothing to do with time, only acceptance. A concept I never fully understood.

Trying to fall out of love with someone who swam through each thought, noise, and scent was like searching for a shooting star in a city that never sleeps.

Lines from a poem or lyrics from my favorite song, it was you that I saw. Nights being wrapped in somebody else’s arms, it was still your hands infused in my heart.

Acceptance wasn’t a language I spoke when it involved moving on from the people I loved. Once I lost you, my inspiration went along.

My words were fading, my thoughts were aching. Every enchanting thought tumbled away from my mind.

It was the first time I realized I didn’t love you anymore. As much as I tried to recapture those feelings, they were gone.

And strangely, it was beautiful. Once upon a time, you were my muse but now you’re just another star in a city that doesn’t belong.

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