Nobody knows what to expect when preparing for college. Starting this new chapter as a freshman can be an overwhelming experience. I made plenty of mistakes during my freshmen year. Here are 4 mistakes I made during freshmen year of college.

1. Moving in with my best friend

I definitely regret moving in with my bestie, considering it cost us our friendship. Its true what they say, you don’t really know someone until you live or travel with them. I guess the thought of being alone frightened me. So, I quickly rushed into the idea, without putting much thought into it. I failed to see the point of moving away for college, which is to experience something new. Starting my journey with someone I already knew definitely limited my chances of meeting new people and taking up any opportunities. I became too comfortable.  It wasn’t until my second year, that I started experiencing what college was all about.

2. Partying more, studying less

I can’t even begin to express how much I regret going out all those school nights.  The key to passing college is literally showing up to class. If your one of those functional drinkers who can party all night and show up, kudos to you. I, however, am not, and I paid the price for it. I screwed up my first year of school because I was too hungover for class, and it totally messed me up. As a senior who now gets only As and Bs, I am still making up for my freshmen year mistakes. Get rid of your FOMO and STAY HOME AND STUDY!

3. Lack of time management

Don’t wait till the night before to study for an exam. I never realized how beneficial time management would’ve been for my entire college career if I had followed it. Optimizing your time is everything when you’re a full-time student, balancing between your work, social and school life. If you can’t manage your time accordingly it’s gonna be a long and infuriating process.

4. Not Getting involved

Networking isn’t that important in your freshmen year, because you’re more than likely going to switch between majors. Plus, finding an internship becomes more of a priority towards the end of your college years. However, simply getting involved with people within your major will help in the long-run. Even if you’re uncertain of what you want to study, interacting with other students, professors, and mentors in different fields will provide you with the necessary insight and feedback, to help you make the right choice.

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