The Sting of Betrayal

When the people we love hurt us, our immediate response is to blame and hate them. Because being angry is easier than feeling sadness. But what we all seem to forget is that we all hurt each other at some point. And until it happens to you, you won’t understand how somebody you love can possibly do this to you.

Trying to find a reason behind someone else’s actions, is a never-ending witch hunt. You can’t control, change, nor erase how others feel.

We all make shitty choices based on temporary emotions. Often times, there isn’t even a reason behind our actions. Our feelings are complex, transcending, and often unexpected.

We don’t plan to hurt the people we love, and the people who love us don’t intentionally try to screw us over. We make spontaneous decisions, without thinking of the repercussions.

Without thinking about who might be affected. Simply because we are selfish beings. We chase what seems right in the moment while forgetting what really matters. But that doesn’t justify hurting the person you love due to your own selfish reasons.

As someone who was recently betrayed by someone they love, I want you to know that you’re going to be ok. For those who have been hurt by someone they love, understand that it wasn’t your fault.

When you’re confronted with the unfortunate truth, see it as a new cycle emerging in your life, one in which you had to be made aware of. Think of it as a blessing in disguise. Everyone we meet in life plays a role, some stay and some go and whatever the reason maybe it’s never to punish you.

You can either let one individual influence every aspect of your life, or you can accept that all good things eventually come to an end. And even the best of things, never last. You can’t control, change, nor erase how others feel. But you have the power to control how you feel, how you respond, and how you choose to move on.

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