Why Having Open Minded Conversations Is Essential To Our Growth

tumblr_mwgjeyI3LN1qd8g09o1_500.jpgI’ve always found that the best way to learn is by either experiencing it yourself or by having an open and creative conversation with someone who has. A major challenge in today’s society is the inability to openly hear each other out, with someone who doesn’t agree with you. Nowadays its nearly impossible to engage in a conversation about a touchy topic, without it resulting in conflict. As a comm major, I can’t stress how vital it’s to engage in dialogue, ask questions, and open yourself up to new ideas. 

  1. We don’t know shit 
    If there is one thing I know for certain, it’s that I don’t know a single thing. We think we have all the answers, but truly we don’t know much. Knowledge is infinite and the world we know is perpetually expanding. You’d be surprised to see how much you can learn from one conversation. Give yourself room to expand your awareness by thinking freely and openly.

  2. Provides a clear understanding 
    I personally love learning and experiencing new things. I like listening and exchanging stories with people because it broadens my identity, and provides me with a perspective other than my own. I think its the best way to understand the unknown. It isn’t until you sit down with someone on the opposite side of the spectrum, that you begin to see things with clarity and openness.

  3. The world isn’t always what it seems
    The best thing you can ever do is expand your mind,  question life, and explore the unknown. Because once we open ourselves up to new ideas and different ways of thinking it removes any judgment. There is no right or wrong, left or right choice. Life isn’t always black and white, and what makes the most sense isn’t always right. We should empathize with others rather than judge what we do not understand.
  4. It unites people
    People need to understand that it’s not about proving others right or wrong, but more about challenging yourself and not the world. We shouldn’t judge people based on their ideology, but rather by their character. We are all on the same side. We are all human beings who all want the same things. By shutting out different ideas and knowledge, we are also shutting out each other. When we actively listen and share stories, it sheds light on things we never once understood.

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