One second you’re living life to the fullest and then suddenly something awful occurs and everything changes forever. While I was happily living my life, it was taking away someone I loved. There’s no explanation to why the world works the way it does. But what I do know is that Happiness isn’t always part of the plan. 

Unexpectedly, life will hit you with its worst. You will lose someone you love, get fired, get hurt, and you’ll feel like giving up. It will feel as if the world is falling apart. But it’s not, because that feeling never lasts and things always get better.

We exist within the laws of balance. Every day bad things happen to good people for no reason. When it does you cannot let such moments eat you away. Know that eventually, you will find a way to get through it. It won’t be easy. It won’t happen overnight. But it will happen.

Since we cannot alter external circumstances, the only thing we can do is to not feel negative about them. When we dwell on the past too much, it’s like holding a grudge over the universe. All those negative thoughts get projected into the world, to your future path. It stops you from moving forward and prevents you from healing.

Take the pain and turn it into something beautiful. Find meaning in your life. You can never change the past, but you control what happens next. Instead of trying to articulate every awful thing, try you’re best to rise above. Don’t wait for the right moment to do what you love. Live for yourself, by embracing what you have lost. By choosing to look forward instead of focusing on what you cannot change, I promise that with time, you will find peace and harmony.

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