Swedish Summer’s are unbelievably breathtaking. Just don’t dip in the water, it’s freezing! But other than that, it’s a beautiful country. Sweden is completely surrounded by water. People are extremely kind and welcoming. Unlike most European countries, everyone in Sweden speaks English. Its a great country for young families, millennials, and hikers!

Being half Swedish, I’ve been traveling to Stockholm almost every summer since I was a child. My favorite thing about Stockholm is that you don’t need a car to get around. If you’re staying in the city, it’s very easy to get around. I usually wear comfortable walking shoes and explore on my own. Bicycling in Stockholm is also pretty convenient. Its one of the only cities I’ve seen where they have bike lanes everywhere. Just make sure you don’t walk in them unless you’re hoping to get trampled! However, the best way to get anywhere in Stockholm is by the subway.

If you do take the subway in Stockholm, you’ll notice that each stop is actually a work of art. It’s quite fascinating. They even have a Stockholm Subway Art Tour.


Overall, Sweden has an amazing transportation system, making it very easy to commute to different cities. You can easily take the train from Sweden to Gothenburg. The quickest one takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Sweden is beautiful for a reason. Its clean, green and environmentally friendly. You won’t find any trash laying around the street.

Fun facts: 

  • People don’t make a big deal about Ikea 

  • You don’t tip in Sweden

  • Drinking and driving is a serious offense 

Food + Culture


There are many things to do in Stockholm such as museums, historic sites, day cruises, museums, nature trails, and parks.

Stockholm is pretty pricey, so it’s important you take advantage of their awesome lunch deals! Which are all over the city. If your craving traditional Swedish food, you can find a restaurant at almost every block. If not, there are tons of other options. I personally love the Thai food in Sweden.

If you’re looking to walk around a very posh area, check out Ostermalm. Its known for its high-end, award-winning restaurants, beautiful architecture, nightclubs, theaters, etc.


Every time I visit Stockholm, I make sure to take a stroll through Gamla Stan (the old town), the castle, and Photographiska (photography museum). A great place for shopping is Drottninggatan or Stureplan. Drottninggatan has tons of gift shops, boutiques, and restaurants.  Stureplan is one of the main malls, but its located in the center of tons of shopping. They have Urban Outfitters, Victoria Secret, H&M (obviously), Starbucks and more.


Its been years since I last went to a nightclub in Stockholm, but I know Cafe Opera is usually popping. There’s also this one club inside Stureplan, which is amazing but from what I recall you might need a connection. I think its called Wall.

Off the Grid



Another amazing place I visit is the Stockholm archipelago. Its the largest archipelago in Sweden, and the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea. It’s heaven for nature lovers.

After an hour train ride, a bus, and a ferry later I found myself right in the countryside. Secluded away in the archipelago, I stayed on a beautiful island called Onsala. It’s the perfect place for someone looking for a weekend getaway, off the grid.

The island I stayed was completely surrounded by limestone. There’s a sanctioned area that supplies water for the entire island, straight from the limestone rock. It was probably the best drinking water I’ve ever had. There are even caves people can explore that are about 150 years old, and tons of nature trails.

This was the view from my grandparents’ “backyard”.

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