Inspiration can be found anywhere. Like a sailboat floating in the ocean, it comes and goes when nobody’s looking.

Inspiration is like an elevated high, to achieve your goals. It makes us feel alive, as it brings more meaning into our lives by doing the things we love most.

Where can inspiration be found?  All around you. It’s at work, the park, Starbucks, the beach, at your favorite travel spot.

In my opinion, the best inspiration comes from other humans. From our stories, experiences, voices, and creativity.

Doing things like:
  • Having conversations that make us question life
  • Listening to other voices and offering advice
  • Consuming new and exciting stories, ideas, knowledge, etc.
  • Collaborating with other creatives
  • Exchanging thoughts


Surrounding ourselves with people who are dedicated or positive thinkers can inspire us in incredible ways.

For instance, when we hear an uplifting or fascinating story by someone we admire or can relate with, we always take something from it.

The stories and experiences that touch us the most are those we never forget. They inspire us because they remind us that anything is possible.

You should never feel discouraged by another person’s success because if they can do it, there is no reason you can’t. There is always an opportunity to rise and learn.

Forget about the cheesy TV shows about winning a million dollars, or reality shows revolving around nudity, fame, and money. It doesn’t depict real life, its just brainwashing.

Focus on real people who are overcoming real struggles and chasing their dreams, from absolutely nothing.  

Always know that inspiration never leaves us. Sometimes you just have to place yourself in the heart of it.

It exists in your dreams, outdoors, within the people you love, and even at the bar at 2am, as you’re talking with a stranger (that actually happened to me).

It’s constantly flowing all around us.

Have you ever been inspired by a conversation, story, or another person? 

Where are some places you find inspiration? 

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