The creative and talented, Mac Miller was found dead at the age of 26, from an apparent drug overdose.

Mac Miller was a musical genius who helped and inspired millions of people, myself included. He had a variety of different flows, and people had a way of naturally gravitating towards his creative styles of music.


His untimely and tragic death has opened up the discussion of substance abuse. This is an awful problem that our culture seems to glorify.

It’s incredibly sad to see creative souls like Mac Miller and others, not be able to come out of their battles. It makes you realize, regardless of how famous or rich you are, the pain doesn’t go away. I don’t know what he went through personally, but I do know what drug addiction does to a person. It completely turns you into a different person and consumes you entirely.

People who suffer from addiction, spend their life trying to reach a high they will never get. But none of it is real. You just end up hurting yourself in ways that slowly destroys your happiness and soul.

Addiction strips people away from the qualities that make them who they are.

It turns you into stranger you don’t know, and a slave to the drug. Not only does it affect the user, but it affects everyone you know and care about. You lose yourself, your family, friends, your mind and you begin to feel alone.

Mac Miller openly discussed his addiction to drugs and alcohol in his lyrics. Anyone who has followed mac through his musical journey knows about his struggle with substance abuse.

I think music was his escape. He put his soul into his art, which helped him get through the darkness he was living in. He welcomed his fans into his mind through his bold and emotional storytelling. He was a unique musician who possessed a raw, creative, and poetic voice that touched many lives.

As humans, we need to find a way to empower those who suffer from addiction. Remind people that they are not alone and that they are loved. Filling your body with drugs is never the way.

There is always hope. And if you’re here, there is a reason.

I can only hope he is resting peacefully in a better place. He will be missed by many, and forever remembered by the culture. He changed the game in so many ways and helped the youth find themselves through his poetic consciousness.

Some of my favorite old Mac Miller songs-

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