Modern Love & The Beauty of Falling Out

Modern love is meeting a stranger at a downtown bar, sharing a few stolen glances under the stars, and laughing a little too hard in their presence. It’s having stimulating life talks at 1am with people you just met.

You are going to meet someone. It will be the kind of romance they write about in poems. The ones that melt our hearts. They will become the center of your universe. Making you feel beautiful and whole.

A couple of years pass and the two of you share a bed, a home, and an entire life together. For a while, things are amazing.

Then shit happens. And the person you love will hurt you. It will sting deeper than any scar because it’ll be by someone you least expect.

You will break away from their loving arms. And drift away from the home you’ve grown to love.

For some time, there will be nothing but hate in your heart.

You are going to cry yourself to sleep on the kitchen floor, and drink until you cannot feel the pain anymore.

But the moment will pass. The hate and resentment will be gone. And you will find yourself again.

You will fall out of love on a random Sunday morning. It will happen effortlessly. You will let go and it will be lovely.

You will move to a different city. Meet new people. Get out of your comfort zone. Go to school and find an amazing job. You are going to discover your voice and hidden passions. You will chase all your goals and desires. You will choose your own happiness at last.

This is love. Coming together and growing apart. Breaking up and making up. It’s shedding a few leaves, and blossoming entirely. It’s having your heart broken then breaking someone else’s. Exploring your identity, and finding your place in this world. It’s losing your mind and finding it unexpectedly.

It is not about falling in love, it’s about feeling, experiencing, and connecting with your true self and other beautiful souls. It’s about rising from the pain and finding love in a place you’ve never felt before.

You will come across both good and bad people. And sometimes the ones you love will hurt you, but you will do the same. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you human.

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