Unfolding Your Passion

Do you have a hobby or interest that fuels you with utter joy and creativity? Something that doesn’t feel like a task, but a breath of fresh air. That one niche that takes you away from all the chaos. When we are able to do the things we love most, nothing else matters.

Even if you haven’t discovered your passion, it’s ok. Let’s face it, the majority of us have no clue what we want to do.

How do we discover our passions? 

The only way to unfold our hidden passions is by exploring the unknown. Exposing yourself to new challenges and experiences, embracing change, leaving your comfort zone, and also facing our fears.

It’s easy to lose passion and drive when you never welcome any change in your life. You have to give yourself room to grow, make mistakes, and learn. It’s how we navigate through the storm and eventually rise to the top.

Most people keep to the same exact routine for months and sometimes years. They don’t know anything outside of the walls they live in.

No matter which path you are on, it’s always essential to say yes to opportunities when they arrive. Because they won’t always be there.

Eventually, we end up developing new goals and interests through the challenges we overcome. Take some time and space to embrace a bit of change in your life.

Don’t be afraid to start from scratch and take the road unexplored. There is so much more you do not know.

Why is change good for the soul?

Once you break out of routine and enter into the realm of discomfort, it will lead to positive changes, self-improvement, and growth.

Learning to be comfortable with discomfort is the greatest thing you can do. Because once we step out of our comfort zone and welcome new habits, routines, and interests we find purpose.

We find ourselves, in a place we never imagined to look.

Your perspective broadens and your identity expands in different directions. You’ll stop listening to the world and listen only to yourself.

Our voices stem from our unique stories and personal experiences. To move forward, be useful and rise from the ground, you must be willing to try new things. Never let fear prevent you from shining in the light.

You are not the same person you were two years ago, let alone three months ago. We are evolving every day. Don’t wait to figure things out, because there is no better time than right now.

Just because you feel lost right now, doesn’t mean a thing. What you seek for, what you think, and promote will come when you least expect it. It could take years or months to find your passion.

Step outside your comfort zone, embrace change and engage in new experiences every now and then. All you need is a desire to try.

Don’t rush the process or chase a goal because it works for someone else. Finding your passion requires patience, commitment, and a bit of self-discovery. Move slow, explore different waters, and eventually, you will find your nirvana.




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