Embracing What Hurts

We only rise after falling a few dozen times. We only learn after screwing up once or twice. We only forgive once we are the ones at fault. We only see the other side once we have evolved.

Like many others, I often write about discovering passion, love and finding inspiration because we all crave it. We all seek the same thing, to be happy. To be loved. To be successful. To be healthy. To achieve greatness. We all strive to create a meaningful life.

But writing only about the good stuff doesn’t help us reach our destination, because it’s only a fragment of our truth.

We have to be open to discussing our failures, struggles, and how we came to fall to the lowest point of all. These stories matter just as much as the positive ones. Because our downfalls and struggles are what we feel for the most. These are the experiences that truly evolve us. They make us human.

Coping through the negative is what eventually leads to self-healing and growth. It motivates us to turn our lives around.

I realized that by asking someone what makes them happy, or what motivates them, it doesn’t exactly get you to that point.

When asking about your fears, or what angers you, and what your struggles are, it puts things into a perspective we can resonate with. By understanding why we feel that way, or how we came to be there, can help us overcome it.

It makes us think deeply and dissect our feelings naturally.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging unfortunate times or personal losses. Because it is real and inevitable. It’s refreshing. Plus, self-awareness is the first step to bettering yourself.

We cannot expect to feel joy, without feeling sadness. We cannot expect to let go without holding on to something. We cannot expect a positive outcome, without facing a negative one first.

Times I’ve felt most alive was after facing a negative experience. Not only does it open my eyes, but it reminds me how precious life is.

The people and things I’ve lost have inspired me to live. The hurt and pain I’ve endured have given me a reason to love 10x harder.

We have all fallen, lost ourselves or someone important to us, yet we still find our way through the dark. Which only happens when we stop dismissing our emotions and become more aware of them.

We tend to ignore the negative and dive right into the positive, but there’s no denying that good and bad outcomes are a central part of life. Because fear, pain, and failure have a way of motivating us. And by overcoming such obstacles, we are able to create a positive experience.


Stay Growing

Personal Lifestyle blogger passionate about growth and self-improvement.

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