How To Overcome Yourself

We spend much of our time doubting our potential, comparing ourselves to others, and questioning our own decisions. But why? Because we lack faith in ourselves. We listen to other people more than we listen to ourselves. We care too much about how others perceive us. We don’t take risks. We give up too easily. We have no desire to self-improve. We lack confidence.

But why do we continue to stand in the way of our own success? You aren’t afraid of failure, rejection, or losing. You too are afraid to try. You are afraid to let yourself shine and put yourself out there. It isn’t the dark that scares you, it’s your own light. The hardest challenge in life is being able to overcome yourself.


 How do you overcome yourself?

Stop thinking, and start doing

Stop standing, and start moving

Stop consuming and start creating

Stop questioning and start manifesting 

Stop holding and let go 

Let go of yourself, literally. Let go of everything that is keeping you together. Let yourself crumble for once. Let yourself stumble between the cracks. Let yourself drown to the bottom of the ocean floor. Let yourself fail, let yourself feel, get rejected, get your heart broken, let yourself shout and cry, let yourself feel things you’ve never felt before. Let yourself fall so it motivates you to rise. Let yourself screw up, so you have a chance to try again. Surrender yourself to your own light.




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