Fav Looks From NY Fashion Week

In the wake of New York fashion week, I thought I’d use this moment to write about the designers that caught my eye. There are so many creatives who are killing the game, with new styles to watch out for. Here are a couple of the 2019 Spring collections, featuring designers from different isles of the fashion spectrum.

Zimmermann / Ready To Wear Collection / Off The Runway Spring 2019 / 

According to Vogue, Nicky Zimmermann was inspired by the costumes worn on the TV hit Number 96, which aired exclusively in her home country, Australia.

The designs kick off a 70s aesthetic, expressing an admirable taste for sensuality and sexuality. And I couldn’t agree more. 

While browsing through shows from NY fashion week, I was instantaneously attracted to this collection. In my opinion, it represents a very bohemian-chic look.

It’s amazing to see an artist draw inspiration from their personal past and bring that vision to life. It’s always interesting to hear the stories behind the creation. Overall, a very impressive collection. 

Runway photos: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2019-ready-to-wear/zimmermann/slideshow/collection#17 

Photos were taken by photographer Andrew Swartz.



When I look at Carolina Herrera’s Designs, I see the classy yet care-free working gal who enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Her brand carries a strong and fashionable personality, that invites you in. 

The 2019 Spring collection consists of a multitude of soft and neutral tones, which are perfect for the Spring.

Not too many bold colors, but a splash of minimalism mixed with warm tones. I like the free-spirited vibe to it. Looks natural and alluring. 

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