Breaking up with someone you love is one of the most difficult things. Most people I’ve talked to, prefer being dumped than doing the dumping.

There’s just no easy or subtle way to break a person’s heart. Because no matter how soft you say it, you’re still going to hurt them and possibly destroy their happiness.

What other option is there if you’re just not happy or emotionally there anymore?

Remaining in a relationship out of guilt does more harm than good, to both people involved.┬áSometimes good things come to an end. And as much as you try to avoid or save the relationship, the outcome is inevitable. And the truth is, you can’t blame someone for falling out of love. You can’t force them to feel something that’s gone.

You just have to accept that not all endings are happy. But also understand that its nobody’s fault. It’s much worse to pretend you’re happy when deep down you’re suffocating. Or put someone else’s happiness above your own. It will only cause more problems.

All you can do is be delicate yet honest. Instead of taking your relationship down a never-ending hole of lies, be straightforward. Don’t ignore how you feel because you’re afraid of what the reaction might be. It won’t be easy for you or them. But in time, they will eventually see your side. At the moment, we don’t realize how someone we love can possibly hurt us. However, we all hurt each other at some point in life. And until you do, accepting that truth will be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do.


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