Finding Myself When I Had Nothing Left.

I write a lot about inspiration and personal growth because I’ve come a long way from the destructive path I was once in.

One that involved drugs, alcohol, excessive partying, hospitals, and me spending a night in jail. tumblr_o0votdDWp51qbftr5o1_500

I’m not some hopeless, optimistic soul. I’m just a flawed being who’s learned more from my mistakes than anything else.

I used to credit my relationship for who I’ve become, but truthfully we don’t change for anyone but ourselves.

In life, we experience many obstacles and overcoming those adversities is what paves the path to who we become later on. It’s not our choices that make us, but our ability to learn and grow from our mistakes.

Our failures and successes, the good and bad, it all happens for a reason. Positive outcomes don’t help us grow, they just make life easier on us. It’s the darkest of struggles that motivate us at the end.

Not everyone can or will change. But for the few who do find a way through the pain life brings their way, that’s something to live for and be proud of.

We often don’t notice the little changes but overtime they all amount to something so much greater.

Never let past experiences or behaviors define who you are today. If put your mind and energy into creating a positive experience, anything can be achieved.

The only thing stopping us from unleashing our full potential is fear itself. Mostly fear of self. Fear of not being enough, fear of failure, fear of rejection. Often times it only exists in your mind.

Once you can eliminate the fear by understanding the reason behind it, there will be nothing left standing in your way.

Screw what others say because their perception of you will never define you. It will only define them. All you can do is live in the now, be mindful of others and make better choices along the way.

Find happiness in doing what you love. Minimize your temporary wants and achieve your dreams and goals. Learn to let go of what you have no power over, and focus on what you can control now.

You shape your own reality.

Stay Growing

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