Why Most People Will Never Find Happiness

Take a moment to think about what you want in life. What is your purpose for getting up every day? What keeps you going?

Then, ask yourself why.

Most of us live to achieve a greater purpose. A goal, dream, or feeling. We all want something.

Some strive for financial freedom, hoping it will solve all our problems, ultimately making us happy. And why wouldn’t it?

Nobody wants to live a lifetime of struggle, trying to make ends-meet.  We want to be able to pay the bills, travel, support are loved and ones, and not have to worry about anything. Money could be the answer for some of those problems. But happiness isn’t one of them.

If it’s not money its happiness, fame, love, power, or success. We chase all these things, hoping it will make our lives better or easier. But does it?

Ever noticed how the richest people are never the happiest? Or how workaholics are the loneliest?

Many rich and famous people will tell you straight up that money doesn’t lead to happiness. In fact, most of them say it creates more problems than it solves.

I think we’re merely obsessed with wanting more or wanting what we do not have.  

Think about it.

Famous people want normal lives. While average people crave fame and fortune. Insecure people seek attention. Lonely people want relationships. Employees want to be CEOs. Teenagers want to grow up fast, while adults want to be young again. The average person wants to be happy.

Don’t get me wrong, having a purpose and a desire to grow is one thing. But wanting more things because you think it will fill the empty void is not the solution.

We’re literally blinded by ideas and concepts that aren’t real. We think having more will lead to more, but it doesn’t. In order to achieve your goals, you need to be able to separate your wants from your needs.

Having more things won’t make you cooler, better, smarter, or more appealing. They are just things. They will never define you. It won’t give your life any meaning nor will it make you feel better inside.

If you live life thinking that you need this or that to be happy, you will never be satisfied.

We’re feeding into a faulty belief that we need more things to be happy. When in fact, we need less. If you can minimize your wants, be useful, focus on yourself, create more and consume less, and be at peace with what you already have, then you’ve already reached your destination.

Otherwise, you will spend your entire life driving towards a destination you will never reach. And nothing will ever be enough.

You’re going to keep wanting more.

This is how our society runs. To convince us we need things to be happy.

At that point, you should ask yourself what am I even doing with my life and why?

If we can just let go of our ego, find satisfaction with what we already have, imagine how simple and easy life would be. We wouldn’t need to prove anything.

The real goal is contentment.

Which, can only be done when you live for you and doing the things you love.

So, next time you find yourself wanting more, ask yourself why?

Will this make everything go away? Will it solve my problems? Will it make me feel whole again? Because 99% of the time it won’t.

When life gets hard, having more things won’t solve the problem. It just  makes things appear to be better when in reality there’s no change.

Appearances don’t mean a single thing when you’re not satisfied inside.

Instead of finding happiness in things, find it within yourself. Identify what you want by separating your wants and needs, and understand why you want it in the first place.

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