Most of us have either been cheated on, cheated on someone, or know somebody who has. It’s the worst thing that can happen in a relationship because it tears people apart.

There are a plenty of reasons why people cheat on their partner. But every situation is unique, so its hard to pinpoint an exact reason for why people do this.

It happens to the best and worst of relationships, for reasons we don’t always understand.

People either find a way through it or say screw it and walk away. Based on personal experience, here are a few reasons why I believe most people cheat.

1. They were intoxicated

I feel like most cheating occurs when someone is drunk or high. Is it an excuse? No. Because most of the time, they are aware of what they’re doing but just don’t care. tumblr_nayg08GuyL1qayn5eo1_500

2. They don’t love themselves

When someone cheats it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Sometimes it has nothing to do with hurting the other person. Usually, people cheat because they’re in search for themselves.

It’s almost never intentional, especially if they love you. If anything it means they don’t love themselves. If so, they have no business being in a relationship.


3. They are bored

The number one reason why people cheat usually has to do with boredom. The relationship is in stagnation, bogged down by routine.

Making one person in the relationship to seek excitement somewhere else. We get into relationships to feel the spark, love, and experience something new. When we don’t have it anymore, our curiously drifts to other places. But then again, they should fix it rather than run.


4. They have low self-esteem

Sometimes it has to do with their own insecurities. They might feel like nobody else in the world will love them, so they look for that attention in an unfamiliar place.

They want to know if there’s someone else out there who finds them attractive. So, they reach out to other people, flirt a bit, go on tinder as a confidence booster. People want to feel wanted and liked.

5. It was a mistake

Sometimes people do stupid shit for no reason. They don’t even realize the impact their actions may have. And by the time they do, it’s too late. I will never justify cheating or hurting someone you love, but I will say this. We are all human. We make mistakes. We act at the moment, and sometimes we do things without thinking it through.

In conclusion,

Most of the time it’s not you. When people desperately want out of a relationship, they walk away. They don’t hold onto someone, just to hurt them. Don’t question your worth because of someone else’s selfish actions.

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    1. I have and it was really hard, but I got through it. I’ve been on both sides of the aisle. At first you don’t understand how someone can ever do this. But eventually you realize we’re only human. Seeking the same thing… to be happy and feel loved. And the truth is, we all hurt one another at some point.

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