My List of Favorite Blogs

In today’s digital scope, there are tons of amazing blogs out there.  I wanted to create a small list of my absolute favorite blogs. Each of these blogs offers something different to its readers. And they all put out high-quality content that is both enticing and beneficial to their readers. 

Here is a list of the blogs I visit every day. 

  1. Killerandasweetthang
    Topics: Sex Education, Health, Love, Identity. 
    I found out about KAAST a couple of years ago, and it’s changed my life ever since. Not only is the layout really dope and unique, but the content is also pretty incredible. Killerandasweetthang aka KAAST writes a lot about sex and other taboo topics.

    It offers amazing content regarding safe sex, health, body positivity, dating/relationships, identity and more. This blog taught me a lot of important tips regarding health and sex. They write a lot of interesting and educational posts.  This is a great blog because it offers advice to those who are merely curious about themselves and their sexuality and don’t really have anyone too.

  2. Advicefromatwentysomethingyearold
    Topics: Living, Wellness, Travel, Career, etc.
    This is one of the first blogs that really inspired me to launch my own lifestyle blog. Very relatable content for anyone in their 20s-30s. She offers excellent career advice to young professionals, relationship advice, travel tips, and more. She also has an advice column called Ask Amanda, which I absolutely love. 
  3. Artofblogging
    Topics: Editing, Writing, Blogging, Social Media. 
     This is pretty much your go-to place for anything relating to blogging. Art of Blogging offers excellent tips for anyone who’s interested in starting a blog or strengthening their writing skills.

    I definitely recommend this blog for any writers/bloggers looking to expand their skills, or just want to get in the habit of writing!

  4. Thassia Naves
    Topics: Fashion & Beauty Tips
    I’m not a huge fan of fashion bloggers, but this one I love. Thassia is a Brazilian fashion blogger whose acquired a massive following for her stunning fashion sense. Her success story is pretty amazing.

    From what I’ve heard she started taking pictures with antique Chanel bags, and Chanel liked it so much that they reached out to her and offered her a contract. If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, she’s the place to go. 

If you have any blogs you love or want me to check yours out, leave them down in the comment section. I need to follow and discover more!!! 

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