Why Is It So Hard to Create New Content?


As a blogger/writer, have you ever found yourself feeling uninspired, burned out and unable to get a single word out? Most of us experience this every now and then. Not only writers but all creators and artists as well.

I felt like this all day. I’ve never found a cure for the so-called “writer’s block,” but an hour ago something strange happened.

After many nights of endless editing, revising, and deleting the same drafts over and over again, I asked myself:

Why am I feeling so much pressure to create something that should come and feel natural to me? When did my passion start to feel like an impossible job? 

Without giving it a second thought, I decided to permanently erase about 2 dozen drafts of unfinished work. Drafts that I’ve dedicated time and energy I’ll never get back.

It stung at first, but ultimately I feel relieved. Like an anchor was lifted from my heart and I’m able to breathe again.

I realized something. The old was preventing me from creating anything new.

By continuously holding onto previous works, I’m not really giving myself the chance to evolve in my craft because I keep on going back to the past. Rather than improving who I am today, I’ve been focused on fixing who I was back then.

Stop focusing on the past, and focus on improving the present.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or trapped for a while, its time you walked away from whatever is holding you back. There is no reason for you to feel trapped in your life, in your art, or passion.

Doing the thing you love, shouldn’t feel like a job or task. It should be your escape from all the noise and stress.

If it doesn’t come naturally, let it go. 

The things we create should never feel forced. They should come from the heart and soul. They’re never meant to be rushed, or half-assed.

When you create something meaningful it feels like a breath of fresh air. It should be organic to you.

Something that is 100% authentic, difficult at times, bold and raw. Your work is a reflection of who you are. It doesn’t need to look good for the world. It only needs to make sense to you.

Don’t focus on impressing the world.

If other people gravitate towards it, that’s great and all but it shouldn’t be your main focus. Especially, during a time when it’s driving you mad. It should flow naturally. Otherwise, there’s a high possibility it’s not meant to be. At least not now.

Take a break from a project that’s been holding you back, and try something new. 

Distancing yourself from a project or hobby you love, doesn’t make you weak. It makes you smart.

Sometimes in order for you to expand your creativity and strengthen your skills, you must be willing to let go of the past as well as anything that is preventing you from self-improving right now. Because nothing else matters, besides this very moment.

Give yourself room to grow.

It doesn’t mean you’re giving up, but instead, you’re moving forward. Maybe there’s a reason you cannot complete that one task you’ve held off. It’s not because you cannot accomplish it, but perhaps it’s not meant for you.

Why do we often place all our energy, ideas, and talents towards one specific area? Because we understand it, and since it’s so familiar to us, we believe that it’s meant for us.

Welcome the unfamiliar. 

But when you carry that mindset, you’re only minimizing your own potential to be greater.

Stop thinking that you cannot accomplish things beyond your realm of expertise. How do you know what you can or cannot accomplish if you’ve only exposed yourself to one side?

You don’t. There is much you don’t know. So much you have yet to experience and learn from. You should trust yourself to leave your comfort zone and explore the unknown. Let yourself screw up, fall, and experience something new.

Stop doubting your potential. 

Most people place way too many limitations on themselves and hide behind their own light without even realizing it. They’re so used to playing it safe, they rarely ever take up new opportunities or a chance to be better. This just makes it harder on yourself, when you should be achieving more and strengthening your talent.

Look at the big picture and remind yourself why you started.

Stop forcing yourself to do things that don’t come to naturally. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of where we want to go. We have to start looking at the bigger picture.

By reminding yourself why you fell in love in the first place, you can create from the heart. You won’t feel the need to rush anymore. Feel the energy, let go and create with love.


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