How To Eliminate Negative Thoughts and Fears.

What are you afraid of?

You’re smart, talented, ambitious, and creative. You have tons of potential. You haven’t reached your destination, and sometimes you feel lost. Unsure of which road to take, or what to do with yourself. So, you play it safe.

We often say that we fear things like failure, rejection, death, and anything associated with an unfortunate event. Despite popular belief, most of the time our fears have nothing to do with negative outcomes.

Sometimes those fears are only masking a deeper problem within ourselves. 9/10 times the dark isn’t what that terrifies you, but it’s your own light.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”  -Marianne Williamson

But why would anyone fear their own light? Because people are afraid of what they cannot see, and because they cannot see it, they think it can’t be real. That’s not true.

In order to create your own reality, you have to be able to visualize it first. Dream it, imagine it, then you can make it real.

Fear is born from excessive negative thinking. Our reality is a mere reflection of ourselves. Your thoughts, your attitude, your choices, all influence your reality. And although that may be obvious, we tend to forget this. 

Your reality is influenced by the seeds you plant in your subconscious. 

Have you ever noticed that our fear is usually derived from what hasn’t yet occurred? And when we’ve never experienced the fear firsthand, we assume its negative.

As humans, we tend to judge what we do not know. We judge people based on rumors and reputation. We judge restaurants and places based off reviews. We make assumptions about things we don’t know.

The same goes for our fears. We automatically assume their negative when we’ve never faced them. Instead of pretending the fear doesn’t exist, perhaps we are meant to address and understand them.

If you keep thinking something is negative, eventually it becomes negative. If you keep telling yourself you’re going to be rejected from that one job opportunity, it’s likely to happen.

If you wake up in the morning, dreading the idea of going to work or school, you’re bound to have a negative reaction. You’re setting yourself up for a shitty day when it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you ignore the truth long enough, you start to believe the lie. The same goes for our fears. When you hide behind your own light for so long, you start to let the fear overpower you and diminish the light.

What if underneath all the thoughts and misconception, lies something good and positive? Something we didn’t know even existed. A gift, a hidden passion, a natural talent we’ve been ignoring all our lives.

This is what you should do:

  1. Focus on your inner dialogue.
    Speak highly of yourself, talk to yourself in a positive tone, meditate, etc.
  2. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.
    You are a reflection of your thoughts. Negative thinking will bring you a negative outcome. Anytime a negative thought pops in your mind, try shifting it to something positive. Don’t dwell on the content of the thought. Just hear it out and let it go.
  3. Let yourself blossom.
    Stop shielding your own light, and let yourself shine. Don’t be another brick in the wall.

You have no control over the world but u are in complete control of your life. You are in control of this experience because you’re creating this reality every moment you’re alive. Everything u know and feel is derived from every action and thought. Let that sink in. What u think u become.

How you perceive yourself will inevitably influence your reality.

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