Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

Florida is seen as one of the best states to live in. I’ve lived in Florida most of my life, and from what I’ve witnessed with many newcomers, is that they never want to leave the sunshine state.

I was inspired to write another piece about Florida after someone had commented that my last article on Florida was helpful. I was born and raised in Miami Beach. Lived in Europe for a few years, as well as South Florida, North Florida, and currently Central Florida. Hopefully, this will help anyone who’s curious to learn more about living in Florida.

Florida Pros:

Strong Economy.

Tourism is the main reason for Florida’s economic success. It’s the top travel destination in the world for tourists. In 2011, Florida reached a record number of 87.3 billion tourists.


Our Beaches have been ranked the #1 best beaches in America more than once. Siesta Key beach in Sarasota has ranked the best beach in America a few years ago. Then recently, Clearwater beach (outside of Tampa) was ranked #1 by trip advisor. My Post-7 copy.jpg

If you’ve ever dreamt of living somewhere close to the beach, Florida might be the place for you. Florida is a state is that it’s compromised of tons of small beach towns throughout the coast. So, if you’re looking to move someplace that is small, peaceful, with beautiful views, Florida has dozens of secluded options (most people have never heard of).

Low taxes

Florida is ranked one of the lowest tax states in the country. When it comes to income, property, state, and local, tax collections, there is a very low tax burned placed on Florida residents. Florida ranks #5 lowest taxes among the 50 states. 

The Weather (pro & con)

The weather can be a pro or con depending on how you look at it.

Florida is known for having 365 days of nothing but warm weather. There might be 1-2  months out of the year that is a bit cold, but for the most part, it’s hot and humid.

However, It’s not always sunshine in the sunshine state. What many people don’t know is that it rains a lot. During the summer, when its not sunny, it’s raining nonstop from May-October. And let’s not forget about Florida’s hurricane season, they can be brutal.

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Nature Trails

In Florida, there are a number of hidden gems such as nature trails, wildlife preservations, and natural springs. These are more common in North Florida and some parts of Central Florida.

I wasn’t aware of this until I moved to Gainesville (up north). While being away from the beach for so long, I discovered my love for the outdoors.

The 3 cities I’m most familiar with are Miami, Orlando, and Gainesville. 

Miami pros-

Populated city, art scene, trendy, modern, beaches, more opportunity, thriving culture, tons of diversity.

Miami cons-

Crowded, heavy traffic, high-cost living, expensive lifestyle, lots of competition, fake people, everyone expects you to speak Spanish. Not so family friendly.

Gainesville pros-

Small town, quiet, cool trends, great place for college students and young professionals, extremely affordable in housing and lifestyle, beautiful landscapes, big on nature, cold winters.  More small businesses and startups

Gainesville cons- 

Can get very humid and unpleasantly hot during the summer
Very small city
Not much room to expand in careers

Orlando pros-

Home of Disney World, theme parks, hotel capital of the world, great place for people in the hospitality industry, a lot of job opportunity, fair living costs. Family friendly.

Orlando cons-

Very corporate, populated city, high tourism, busy, heavy traffic, no beaches, poor public transportation.




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