How many times do we utter the words, “I’m done” and actually mean it?
The heart wants what the heart wants until it doesn’t. Getting over a crush or lover is not easy. There’s no on and off button to our emotions. But there are some things you can do in the meantime that will make the process sting less.


There needs to be closure. 

Having closure does make a tremendous difference. It helps with the healing process. Looking back, I now see why some breakups were 10x harder than others. Whenever there was no closure it always left me wondering and assuming the worst.

Breakups can be messy and a lot of the times, things get misinterpreted. That is why taking the time to end things on a good note and expressing how you felt and how someone’s actions impacted you, can help you understand things you never once considered. Speak your peace, even if they don’t speak theirs. I promise it will make you feel 100% better.

No matter how bad things ended, always communicate and end on a good note. The first time I did it changed everything. It helped me move forward. And the hurt and resentment had vanished.

When someone hurts us, we get so wrapped up in our own emotions. We rarely ever consider the other person, because we immediately blame them. But closure will change that. It has helped me understand why things ended the way they did. Hearing the other side will help you empathize and see things from a different perspective. This will help you move forward.

All we had to do was talk and set the record straight.

Get a rebound
Having a rebound is effective. Getting over someone you like is a lot easier when you have company. It helps keep your mind off that one individual. The irony. We need people to get over people.

Find a new distraction

The best way to transition your life is by closing one chapter and starting a new one. Getting over someone is much harder when you have nothing else to do but think about them or feel sad about the situation.

Find a temporary distraction that will help get your mind off them. Distract yourself with a new hobby/sport, consider taking a yoga class. Find something you enjoy, where you can meet new people, in a different atmosphere.

Block them from your phone and social media.

It’s easy to block and not call/text someone. But when it’s the other around, and they’re the ones reaching out, it’s much harder to control the urge and not give in.

Make sure to block them from being able to reach on you any social media channel. This really helps.

Remind yourself why you want to be done with them. 


I assume if you’re reading this you’re trying to get over someone for a reason. Have you determined what that reason is and why its made you walk away?

Often times, getting over someone can be very challenging because we linger onto the good times and try to make up excuses for the people who hurt us. Well, don’t.

This will only confuse you more and make you doubt yourself. If you’ve already come to the conclusion that you’re done, then act and think it. Constantly remind yourself why you want to be done with that person once and for all. Anytime you have the urge to reach out them, think of the reason that drove you away.

In conclusion, getting over someone has its difficulties but eventually, you do. So don’t think you’re never going to be happy again or find someone else. That’s just nonsense. Its gonna hurt, but little by little your feelings for them will fade and you’ll realize that it was just not meant to be.

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