8 Things I Need To Improve On Before 2018 Ends

  1. Stop judging what I do not know
    We all do this. And it’s an awful habit. But, things are never just black and white. If it was, life would be less stressful. I need to stop making assumptions based on past experience or emotions. I need to give people the benefit of my doubt, before jumping to conclusions. Assumptions always lead to greater conflict. It’s never worth it.
  2. Overcoming self-shame
    Stop comparing myself to others
    Stop letting the past define me
    Stop allowing my insecurities to take over me
    Reminding myself I am enough
  3. How to manage conflict better
    I need to be more considerate of others and find a way to put my emotions aside by putting myself in someone else’s shoes. Nobody likes to be wrong, but most of the time we are. So instead of trying to fix someone else when a conflict arises, maybe I should work on how to manage my own conflict first. Before blaming others, maybe I need to take a good look at myself and be the bigger person.
  4. Disciplining myself to do things I do not want to do
    Saying you’re going to do something doesn’t mean shit unless you do it. One thing I want to do less is saying what I’m going to do and just do it. Because if I take a moment to think about doing something, I begin to question it. So rather than allowing myself to come up with excuses, I need to get out of my head and move.
  5. Use my fear as a driving tool 
    If I can’t get rid of my fears, I might as use them as a motivational appeal to improve myself. Taking my insecurities and pushing myself to change what I do not like, instead of running from it.
  6. Be more positive
    This means surrounding myself with positive people, thinking positively, as well as making choices that will benefit me.
  7. Promote what I want
    A big part of being positive is the ability to promote the things you want. This means visualizing myself at the finish line, creating more and consuming less, looking at the big picture, writing down all my goals, and truly believing that I can achieve them.
  8. Spend more time outdoors
    Sometimes you gotta step outside from your little bubble, get lost under the sky and absorb the silence and beautiful nature. It’s good for the soul.
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