There Are No Excuses.

The most important lesson I’ve learned this year is to get off my ass. The results you want will only show once the excuses go. Every dream, goal, or commitment comes with difficult challenges. But that is not an excuse to procrastinate them. There are no excuses.

Saying you’re going to accomplish your goal means absolutely nothing unless you put yourself on the starting line today. You must learn to mute the voice in your head that keeps telling you no. Nothing will change until you realize that you are your own enemy in this battle.

The hardest battle is the one in your mind.

I, like so many, have made a disgusting habit of being all talk and no play. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve told myself that I was going to do something, but never did. As ashamed as I am to admit this, the notion of never falling through with yourself is very real.


We all experience this ongoing battle in our mind. Realizing this is one thing, but taking action is the game-changer in this journey. It’s what determines how the rest of your life will pan out. Everything you want is within arms reach.

Why do we stand in the way of our own success? Because we’re conditioned to always play it safe. Our mind steers clear from risk-taking or doing things that are unfamiliar to us. But the truth is, your destination is not supposed to be painless. It’s going to get a lot worse before its get better.


Discipline is the key to success. 

If the thought of doing something makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to do it. You have to break out of the habit immediately. Not tomorrow, not next year, but today. Right now. Whatever you keep making excuses for, you need to overcome it.

For me, it’s forcing myself to go to the gym every day. No matter how tired or lazy I’m feeling, I don’t second-guess the thought, I force myself to get up and go. Even its only for 20-minutes. Getting my body & mind into this cycle has helped me conquer so much in my everyday life.


Realizing that my mind works against me, has helped me conquer the fear. If you start slow and commit to that one goal, it won’t take long before you’ll start expanding towards bigger goals.

When I first began this journey, I couldn’t even run for 3 minutes without stopping. After 10 days, I was able to run 15 minutes without stopping.


Don’t wait for 2019. Start right now because the more you wait, the more difficult it will be. If you start pursuing your goals today, the faster you’ll see results.

I’m convinced that once you can overcome your mind, you’ll be able to accomplish the things you never had the will-power to do. But its something that cannot wait. It starts now. You are much stronger than you think.

Stop making excuses for yourself, and start creating the life you always dreamt of.


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