1.Be there for them
Sometimes just reminding them that they’re not alone can make a significant difference. You don’t have to put your entire life on hold, but you should dedicate some time to focus on your relationship. Show them how much they mean to you, by just being there. Emotional support can go along way.

2. Remind them why you love them
Remind your partner why you love them and try to motivate them when they’re falling down. Remind them of their worth and encourage them to pursue that one dream they’ve always had (even if its batshit crazy).  Push them to chase their passions and goals. Don’t just tell them, show them that you actually care. 

3. Communicate and Listen
Sometimes a lost sense of self may underline a deeper problem they’ve been avoiding. Maybe one of you is experiencing low self-esteem or lack of self-love. You need to communicate with your partner and tell them how you feel. If one of you is feeling unhappy for whatever reason, be upfront about it. If your partner is the one who’s going through this, be mindful to their concerns by listening actively.

4. Sometimes you have to brutally honest
The truth may be brutal but necessary. When you tell people what they want to hear because it’s nicer you’re not helping anyone. There’s no reason to feel ashamed when conveying the truth.

No matter how bad the truth may sound, not saying it at all is 10x worst. Not only will it put you and your partner on two different paths, but it will also intensify any strong feelings you may have. Eventually, making it harder for you both to get back to that happy place. 

5. Spice up the relationship 
Try getting back to doing things you did at the beginning of the relationship. Surprise your partner with a memorable experience you two shared. Research things to do in your city, and find something fun and adventurous you both will enjoy. There’s always time for your relationship. 


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