How Do You Know If You’re On The Right Path? You Don’t

Some days it can feel like you have it all figured out. Maybe the coffee is just that good, or perhaps your life is finally heading towards that place you always wanted. But still, you can never be 100% certain of anything. 

There are nights your mind wanders, and your heart asks: 

How do I know for sure this is the right dream, career, or relationship for me? Is this what I want to study?  What am I doing with my life?

I’ve never met a person who was 100% sure of their life, themselves, and their purpose. I’m curious if such a person even exists. 

Personally, I don’t think you can ever be 100% sure you are on the right path. Because even when you do feel pretty damn sure about things, there are always surprises waiting for us. Unless you’ve seen the future, there’s no way of knowing how things will pan out. What works today, will not always work tomorrow. 

However, the tiny bit of uncertainty that exists within all of us is a good thing. It prepares us for unfortunate circumstances, and also expands the doors for limitless opportunity.

Imagine if we knew our fate from the moment we were born. What would be the point in living? There would be nothing to look forward to or be excited about. 

Not knowing if you’re on the right path is a positive thing. Being afraid of what could happen or carrying a little anxiety only means you’re aware. Curiosity leads to knowledge. The uncertainty of life keeps us going. The only thing we know for certain is that we know nothing beyond this moment. 

All you have is the feeling in your gut, and lessons from the past. Anything can happen, and until it does, all you should be focusing on is living fully, happily, and freely.

Start now. Create the experience you’ve always envisioned for yourself. 

The only way to determine if you’re on the right path is by moving forward, trying, and doing the things that make you unconditionally happy. That’s all any of us can ever do. It’s the reason why you’re here. 

Yes, we have goals and dreams we hope to achieve. But, until we reach our destination, we’re just riding a wave and waiting for the crash. Waiting for the moment to strike. Waiting for an opportunity to present itself, or waiting for our moment–to shine. But there is no point in waiting for greatness. You’ll just end up waiting forever.

You have to take charge of what you have right now, of what you can accomplish today–small or big. And make the best out of every single moment. 

Even the bad days, when you’re feeling the laziest, push yourself to do something. Nobody enjoys the process of blood, sweat, and tears, but if you ever want to achieve your highest goals, you’ll learn to adapt to hard times. Train yourself to be useful, active, and more productive. Most importantly, learn to find joy in the little things. 

When you apply just the slightest bit of effort into something meaningful, you come one step closer to your destination. To that place of nirvana. Even if you don’t feel like much is changing or improving, it doesn’t mean it’s not. Great things are happening all around you. We never see the changes, only feel them inside.

So, can you ever be sure you are on the right path in life? Not really. But you can make the most out of every moment. You can try a little harder each day. You can do little things that put you on the right path.

You have the power to control your path by creating an experience that makes sense to you. Focus on your short-term goals, dreams, as they will lead you to your destination. Take responsibility for yourself. Get out of your comfort zone, explore the unknown, and create your own reality. 

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