First loves are intense, unpredictable and feel much like a fairy-tale. Do you remember what your first impression of love was? I’m sure it has changed tremendously throughout the years. As we evolve, so does our concept of romantic love. Here are 7 lessons about love. 

#1 Love helps us understand who we are

Relationships force you to deal with your emotions. Loving another heart will teach you pain, forgiveness, patience, strength and everything in between. Eventually, you will learn how to heal and love on your own. 

#2 the best loves are NOT the crazy ones 

I once believed the “great loves” were the crazy ones. But in time, I learned the best loves are actually passionate yet simple. Because being with the person you love should feel natural and calm. It should never make you anxious or nervous. Love should take you away from the stress, not be the root of all the darkness and chaos in your life. 

#3 love is like a temporary high

For unknown reasons, the best of loves don’t always last. No matter how alive that person makes you feel, the euphoria isn’t forever. You’re going to experience a lifetime of highs and lows, there’s no reason to get attached to one moment, feeling or person. Especially when the unexpected is always waiting. 

#4 Love and infatuation are not the same

Being infatuated with someone doesn’t necessarily mean you love them. You can be infatuated with someone without having any romantic feelings.

#5 you will have more than one soulmate 

 You can have more than one soulmate and great love. In fact, you’re going to experience different types of loves, with a number of people. Many of which will feel magical and life-changing. 

#6 you gotta lose some to win some 

You only discover what love is after you realize what it is not. In order to find love, we must lose it first. 

#7 the best part about love is falling out of it 

Falling out of love is a painful process, but it is damn well necessary.  When you fall out of love with someone else, you start to find love within. As you heal on your own, you start to unfold hidden truths about yourself. This new understanding will help you discover your likes, dislikes, and more. Healing leads to self-love, compassion, and clarity. 

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