Growing Apart In Your 20s

“As time goes on, you’ll understand. What lasts, lasts; what doesn’t, doesn’t. Time solves most things. And what time can’t solve, you have to solve yourself.”

— Haruki Murakami (via purplebuddhaquotes)

Sometimes you meet someone and immediately know they’re going to be the one to change your life. You create many beautiful memories together. You grow, learn, explore, make mistakes, and love unconditionally. No matter what, they will always be your person.

Eventually, you move in together and things began to change. Now you’ve become so used to having someone in your life 24/7. You literally can’t remember what being alone is like. And you can’t help but feel like your life isn’t yours anymore. 

Everything is moving far too quickly, and things are changing right before your eyes. You feel like you’re moving behind. 

There comes a time when you and the one you love, will be standing on opposite sides of the road. Unable to meet halfway anymore. Not because you don’t want to, but because you’ve grown apart. You both are moving in different directions now. And the best thing for you is to walk away.

When do you walk away?

Everybody is different. The reason for ending a long-term relationship is endless. From disloyalty, trust issues, depression, FOMO, age, to a lost sense of self. 

Many times people choose to stay in an unsatisfied relationship because they’re afraid of being alone. But staying together out of convenience or comfort is unhealthy and painful.

Sometimes you don’t know what to do because your heart and mind want two different things. The thought of leaving seems unbearable, but the idea of staying saddens you. Still, you have to make a choice sooner than later.

Not all things that are meant to be are meant to last.

You don’t know If you’ll be happy without them in your life, but you have to try at least. You owe that to yourself. Because if you don’t, you’ll forever wonder and eventually hate yourself for not choosing you.

You have your entire life ahead of you. Opportunities are waiting and things to accomplish. Maybe you once had plans of starting a business, traveling abroad after school, moving to a different state, and whatnot.

Why change any of that for someone you’re not sure about? If they aren’t willing to ride with you all the way, maybe their not worth it. Remember, there was a plan before someone stumbled into your life. Nothing should interfere with your goals. 

Give yourself a chance to explore, learn and honestly see the world with your own eyes–without someone standing in your shadow all the time. It’s not healthy for you or them.

I genuinely feel some relationships, even the best, must come to an end at some point. Not everything is meant to be forever. Sometimes leaving the person you love can seem incomprehensible, but you can’t let fear stop you from seeing what’s out there. And if you’re meant to stay together, you’ll find your way back to each other. But try to figure yourself out, before settling down completely. 

Sometimes love can feel like the only thing that matters, but it’s not everything. Sometimes the only love you need is the love you have for yourself. Even if that means growing out of love with somebody else.

Stay Growing

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