Learning How To Embrace Change

Its ok to fall in and out of love with people and places. Its ok to leave home and explore on your own. Its ok to experience a life you’ve never known.  Its ok to change your mind as much as you like.

Sometimes the things that seem scary at first turn out to be the most significant events in life. People tend to avoid change because they’re too fixated on routine and overpowered by comfort.

Maybe you tend to avoid changes because you’re too afraid of what might happen and worry about how it will affect your future. But worrying about things that haven’t even occurred is pointless.

Instead of perceiving change as this inevitable component of life, view it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

You have to give yourself the chance to try new things and welcome change when the opportunity arises. Don’t let fear or uncertainty stop you from self-expanding. Nothing stays the same, not even you. So, it’s okay to accept change and grow out of old ways.

If you have any desire of unlocking your maximum potential–you have to be willing to embrace change. Not only welcome the unexpected, but also put yourself in uncomfortable situations that will help you grow.

How can one expect to grow if they’re always fixated on the same routine? How can anyone expect to learn when they only have one view?

“The people who are chained can see only the changing views of shadows, and because that is all they’ve ever seen, they take these shadows to be ultimate reality. Sometimes a person who is bound this way, through great effort, manages to loosen the chains and turn around.”

Nothing ever stays the same. Your friends, relationships, jobs, interests, hobbies, goals, fears, feelings–eventually you grow out of love with them. Don’t fight it, let change happen.

Instead of letting changes overpower you, you can move forward and learn to adjust. If you’re afraid of taking a leap forward, consider the benefits. Forget about the what-ifs. Think about all the positive things that might come out of this. Through embracing change, you will gain confidence, overcome your fears, achieve your goals, master your skills, be more productive, and much more.

I’m slowly learning to embrace change. To look for challenges, welcome new experiences, and find comfort in discomfort. I can’t let fear or uncomfortable circumstances stop me from self-expanding.

You’re going to be ok.

Stay Growing

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