Winter in Miami

Dear 2018,
It has been real. You were great and all, but I’m ready to move forward into this joyous and exciting new year. I am currently still in a holiday daze. But no complaints here. I plan to spend the closing days of 2018 by the ocean, surrounded by palm trees, with flowers in hand. As long as I’m outside, feeling alive, I will be okay.

I went back home to Miami for the holidays and decided to leave my laptop behind, and give myself a break from the digital hype. So I haven’t published anything in forever. On the plus side, I went jogging every morning, reunited with loved ones whom I haven’t seen in years and stuffed myself with some of the tastiest foods I’ve had all year.

I’m waking up early every morning, and trying my best to stay positive regardless of what storm tumbles my way. I refuse to let myself be bothered by the little and impermanent details. I vow to emerge into this year feeling confident and wholesome. If you’re reading this, I hope you do as well. It’s never too late to change the way you look at things.

Brickell Ave

Swedish Christmas in Miami

Winters in Miami are unusual but very special. This year I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas back home with my dad. He’s Swedish. Being mixed with Swedish & Caribbean, our Christmas celebrations tend to incorporate a blend of different cultures. This year we had a Swedish Christmas.

The holidays are all about giving. So this holiday, like every other, we decided to cook a Christmas dinner for 15-20 people. We wanted to give friends and family, who were alone for the holidays a memorable experience. A night filled with laughs, love, and beautiful energy. My uncle and cousin made a surprise last-minute visit all the way from Norway! We almost never get to see them, so it was great having them here with us.


Happiness is all I’ve been feeling these last couple of months. Being an only child can get lonely sometimes especially when all your relatives live in different parts of the world. Words can’t express how grateful I am, to be able to reconnect with loved ones this holiday season. It has indeed been an unforgettable and timeless experience. The only person missing is my mother, whom I plan on visiting as soon as she settles into her new home in New York.

Whether you are traveling to a new city, going back home, or just enjoying life, do yourself a favor and do what makes you happy. You have the power to feel loved all on your own.

Spend time outdoors, feel the light caress your face, and let the wind mess up your hair.

I mean, unless you’re residing up north where it’s freezing and snowing–maybe you should stay cozy inside. In that case, Netflix it up and melt under the covers. My point is to stop worrying about what you cannot change and live with simplicity, in the present beautiful moment.

To anyone feeling unhappy, discouraged, or worried:

I encourage you to change the way you look at things before the new year. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what’s wrong, promote what you have and what you love about yourself. Work to implement a change in your life that will set you on the right path. Start today by expressing gratitude, spreading love and positive energy.

Happy New Year!

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