Why You Should Appreciate Every Experience

I stumbled upon this quote on a blog post by Madison Eran, and was inspired to write about it. I always encourage myself and others not to loathe those you once loved or hate the negative experiences that shaped you. Regardless of how painful or messy our experiences can be, they have led us to this very moment. To find your path, you have to make peace with your past.

We’ve all experienced circumstances in life that have either brought us pain, joy, made us stronger, and ultimately, changed our lives for the better. At the moment, we don’t realize how something so unfortunate can eventually lead to something positive. But that’s the reality for you– the laws of ying and yang. Without it, there’s no balance in the universe. If there isn’t a process to reach your goals or destination, there would be no meaning or value in our existence.

You have to suffer to reach nirvana. You have to experience pain to find joy. You have to fall to eventually rise. You have to face your fears before you can conquer them. You have to make sacrifices and challenge yourself if you want to achieve the life you’ve always dreamt of.

It’s isn’t a coincidence that you are where you are in life. Everything that has happened before this point has been preparing you for something so more significant. Moving forward means embracing the things that have shaped who you are. Your past does not define you, but it does affect what you do moving forward.

We cannot grow without making a few mistakes along the way. So don’t disregard the experiences that have shaped the person you are today. You don’t have to love every moment, but if you ever want to move forward, you can’t let the past define or control the present. You have to find a way to make peace with the past.

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  1. This was an amazing post and I’m so honored to have you write about a quote I have shared! This quote is very close to my heart and you definitely did it justice. ❤️

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