How To Get Hired As A Recent Graduate

I spent the last few months working as a graphic designer for a staffing agency. Little did I know, how much it would benefit me in my career search. When you’re surrounded by people who go through dozens of resumes and applications all day, just to find the perfect candidate, you learn a thing or 2.


Having a LinkedIn account is vital in today’s job market. Hiring managers and recruiters are using LinkedIn, to find suitable candidates. In fact, for many top brands, this is the go-to platform for hiring people. Not only does Linkedin offer exclusive job opportunities, but its also a great way to communicate and connect with professionals and potential employers in your industry.

Make a great first impression

Employers want to hire people who are suited to represent their company. From the moment you enter the interview room, they will be taking mental notes on how well you dress and carry yourself. Your appearance is the first and last thing the interviewer will remember. Small things such as the tone of voice, dress attire, conversation, posture, and overall physical perception will impact their hiring decision.

Be yourself

Being your most authentic self is a great way to make a good impression and stand out. Let’s be real, job interviews can feel scary and intimidating. But never let that stop you from being yourself. You don’t want to sound scripted or even worst, seem like every other candidate. When we feel comfortable in our skin, the more confident, we become. Plus, authenticity always leads to more trust and respect.


Employers want to hire people who are ready for any new challenge or assignment that comes their way. The worst thing you can ever say is “I don’t know” (even when that’s the case). They want people who possess a ‘can-do’ attitude and a willingness to learn. Show them that you are willing to learn new techniques so that you can be successful.

Show that you care

Lastly, show them that you care by expressing your passion for the job. Find out as much as you can about the company as well as the role you are applying. Create a short list of your top qualifications and how your skills align with the job description. Employers want to know the following:

-Why should they hire you?
-How will you benefit the company?
-What are you willing to bring to the table?

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