Diaries of a golden dream

We watched 90s comedies, went to the gym, went on a couple of dates, and cuddled on the hammock till sunset. It’s not often we get to spend more than one day together because of our conflicting schedules, which is why this weekend was so special.

Even though we didn’t do much, these last few days were the best I had in a while. It rained all of last week. Now, the melancholy skies were clearing out, and the Florida weather was finally turning around.

Wellness update: In addition to going to the gym everyday, I’ve cut down on gluten, sugary drinks, and my calorie intake. I’ve also been doing a high intensity ab workout. So far its been going well, but we’ll see what happens! My goal for this summer is to tone my body and eat healthier.

I also took a little break from social media, which is never a bad thing. I love that it’s a great tool to stay in touch and connect with people, but I hate that it has become a popularity contest.

Like everything in life, there should be a healthy balance between work, play and creativity.


I’m still learning how to juggle my responsibilities, and dedicate more time for the things that make me feel alive. Such as being outdoors, reading, spilling words, capturing moments behind the lens, and being with the one I love.

This is Lola.

When you find yourself feeling stuck or down, the best thing to do is disconnect from the digital landscape, stop consuming, and start creating.

How was your weekend?

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