My Fear Is Preventing Me From Achieving My Goals

Hey you!

Happy memorial day! I hope you had an exciting and safe holiday. For memorial day weekend, I drove down south to Miami to spend some time with my family.

I just got back, and as soon as I walked through the door, I bolted straight for the laptop and immediately started typing.

I can’t help it. Three days away from my keyboard was more than I can handle. Anyways, this mini vacation and seeing my friends was exactly what I needed.

Lately, my life has been feeling like a cliche. I’ve been at a crossroad, stuck between my heart and my mind.

For one, I recently graduated earlier this month, which I’m incredibly happy and proud of. However, as I close that one chapter of my life, it’s time for another one to open. You know, the one leading straight toward adulthood.

I need to make a decision.

Once my lease is up, will I move back to Miami, where opportunity flourishes? Or will I stay in my relationship and keep living in Orlando (a city I’ve grown to dislike)?

Can we have it all? The city, the career, and the relationship.. or are we just expected to make decisions that will inevitably impact the rest of our lives.

Deep down, I know what the smart move is, and I’ve even written about this topic plenty of times.

But I’ve never been one to practice what I preach. Especially if someone might end up hurt.

My fear

What prevents you from achieving greatness? I often let fear cloud my light. I’m literally afraid of things that aren’t even happening. I hold myself back from achieving success because I fear rejection and judgment. 

I’ll avoid individual opportunities that seem to good for me. I’ll start to doubt myself and believe that I’m not good enough to pursue what I really want. And it’s eating up all my confidence, all my shine, and clouding my optimistic mind.

For example, I keep my blog a secret because I fear that people will hate it, laugh at me or, judge everything I say. I am so afraid of being rejected by people who don’t matter or impact me. And to me, that is so fucking crazy because I’m letting others have power over me.

How do you overcome something that isn’t real! But then again, what’s real anymore?

I can’t help but wonder, maybe the problem isn’t fear at all. Perhaps the problem all along is the uncertainty of what’s standing behind the door.

By spending so much time worrying about a negative outcome, we fail to let ourselves truly blossom. What if the only thing waiting for us on the other side isn’t fear or darkness at all but rather, light.

Maybe once we let ourselves unfold, success and greatness will follow. The idea of crossing the line seems so terrifying only because we’ve never done it before. 

Perhaps it’s time we stop running from greatness and start embracing it.

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