How To Deal With Rejection

Rejection can be discouraging at times. We don’t always get the outcome we want, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve it or aren’t good enough. For some, rejection can feel like total defeat, making it extremely difficult to cope with while others become motivated by rejection. Here is a healthy way to cope with rejection, overcome self-doubt, and stay motivated when things don’t work out.

Whether you’ve been turned down by a job opportunity, love, home application, or your dream university, please don’t be discouraged or blame yourself. We can’t blame ourselves or dwell on something we cannot change.

Two days ago, I got rejected by an incredible job opportunity. It was presumably the 4th rejection I’ve received in May. When I received my rejection via email at 1:23 pm, I didn’t react. The old me would’ve let this negative outcome impact my self-esteem and doubt my potential. Usually, I would feel disappointed.

But instead, I calmly shrugged my shoulders and moved onto the next thing. I started working immediately and kept myself busy all day. Strangely, I felt relieved.

Rejection does not signify you aren’t good enough. You might see this as a negative thing right now, but know that someday you will see it as a blessing.

I could respond in two ways.

Option A: I can either beat myself up, feel insecure, and doubt my potential.

Option B: I can say ‘fuck it,’ embrace the outcome, keep moving forward and focus on getting results.

So, I’m trying this new thing where I don’t dwell on things I cannot change, and keeping my focus geared toward results.

Although we can’t control or change the past, we control the present and can respond in one of two ways. Instead of suffering over things you cannot change, use the pain or loss to fuel the rest of your journey.

As cliche as the saying goes, “things fall apart, so greater things come together.” It’s true.

How do we overcome self-doubt and deal with rejection in a healthy way?

It’s simple. You don’t let it stop you from achieving what you’re meant to do. Focus on getting the results you want by cultivating a results-driven mentality!

Prioritize your tasks, manage your time and money wisely, create daily, weekly, and monthly goals, measure your results and focus on improving each time.

You don’t dwell on it, you don’t linger onto it, and you sure as hell, should not let rejection define you. For real, because they are only minor roadblocks, that are not meant to be.

Use the rejection to fuel your drive. Focus on the results, think big and embrace ambition. When faced with unfortunate outcomes, instead of occupying the question: “what’s wrong with me,” identify all the ways you can improve right now.

I find it more useful to use my rejection and self-doubt as a motivational tool, rather than a suppressor of my potential. Let things fall apart naturally, without letting it drag you because you are nowhere near your destination. A few setbacks don’t mean a single thing. And frankly, rejection teaches us to be better.

Leave the past behind, keep moving, and stay growing.

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