Surrender The Pain

Relationships can be messy, complicated, and can often feel like there is no getting through to the other person. But there are also gratifying moments in a relationship that can feel like a fairytale, making you feel utterly whole. Since we know that good and bad are given conditions to our existence, how can we break through the chaos, and make it out to the other side in one piece? Is there a way to repair the holes, without deepening the cracks?

The most frustrating thing about conflict is ending it on a sour note. Because when couples are provoked and angry, they say things they don’t mean. They act in the heat of the moment and let temporary, negative emotions get to the best of them. One thing leads another, and now we’re arguing about a completely different topic.

No longer is it about the mess in our apartment, but now it’s about financial stability, and what happened three months ago, and the future of us, etc…

We’re both heated, standing on opposite sides of the pole, believing we are right and the other one is wrong. Nobody wants to apologize, nobody wants to see the other side. Nobody is willing to cut through the noise and find common ground. The fact is we are both acting like children. I can’t help but wonder, what if our minds stay young forever, and only our physical aspects grow up?

Are we all just children at heart, playing grown ups?

We naturally get mad over little things that sting our ego. Things that don’t matter, and eventually it changes us. We all have a right to feel and express our emotions, but at some point when you start getting mad over every little thing that bothers you, all you will see is negative.

It will drain the self-love and you will end up pushing away everything you care about.

If life is chaotic, why do we spend so much time running from the chaos? If love is pain why do we run when things get hard?

We must learn to embrace the conditions of our existence, instead of letting the negative consume us. Accepting these conditions means to let yourself fall, let yourself hurt, let yourself love and be loved, and to allow yourself to grow. Instead of running from the darkness, learn to embrace the good and bad parts.

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