Let it happen

I had a heartfelt moment in the shower today.

As the hot water splashed onto my body, my heart fluttered with joy and relief. I took a deep breath and exhaled. Next thing I know, I was crying. They were good tears. The kind of tears that make the corners of your lips curve and your cheeks blush.

Today marks exactly one week in my new apartment. I’ve been so busy with moving and working everyday that I don’t think I’ve had a moment to really take it all in.

To experience the changes happening right before my eyes. Not only with the move but everything.

In the last three months, I graduated with a B.A. in digital media, got a fantastic job doing what I love, I’m starting my own business, and I finally found a place that feels like home.

Before all of this, I got rejected from numerous jobs, I was barely getting any freelancing gigs, and my relationship was deteriorating. I was miserable, and I desperately wanted to move back home.

I got way too comfortable, and instead of trying to fix what was wrong, I just kept making excuses for myself.

I almost gave up on myself. But thankfully, part of me kept going. I had to force myself to do things I didn’t want to do. I had to welcome the uncomfortable. And eventually, things started changing for the better.

Good things don’t last forever. But guess what? Neither does the bad stuff!

Life is not always going to be great. People will disappoint you, opportunities will pass you, and stuff will happen that are out of your control. But don’t let that stop you from living your life.

Chaos is a part of life. We can’t run from it or stop it from happening.

So since we cannot control chaos, why let it control us?

Rather than fighting the inevitable, just let things happen as they are meant to.

You are the writer of your own experience. Although you can’t prevent external events from transpiring, you can control how YOUR story goes after the damage occurs.

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