How To Ace A Phone Interview

If you’ve never had a job interview over the phone, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Phone interviews can save you time and money and anxiety. You are likely to perform better from the comfort of your own home. Here are my top job interview tips to ensure you get that callback!

The Basics

Find a quiet location in your home with good phone reception to conduct your interview. Eliminate all distractions and noises ( sorry, that means the dogs and cats too). The only things you should have in front of you are interview notes and water.

Have Talking Points Prepared

Having notes handy can help you sound confident even when you’re not. Consider creating an organized outline of your experience. Your notes should speak to any relevant work experiences that are listed in your resume, (have that in handy too) as well as any other side projects. The notes are not there for you to read off, instead use them to stay organized, while walking the interviewer through your experience.
Pro-tip: Have your resume nearby

Study The Company and Role Like A Pro

You should review the job description before the interview and make sure you can speak to the experience listed on your resume. Additionally, you should research the company, identify their company values, as well as read through their blogs and social media channels. Try to gather as much information as you can before the interview so that you are prepared to tackle any questions and also show that you’re familiar with the company’s background.

How To Respond

You should be friendly, semi-talkative, and communicative. When speaking to the interviewer, you should keep your answers clear, short, and concise. When asked a technical question, always elaborate on your answer. Never end with a simple “Yes” or “No.” You should be prepared to discuss at least 3-5 work-related experiences that are relevant to the job description. For example:

“Do you have project management experience?  “Yes, at my last job, I was responsible for managing and executing the majority of marketing campaigns for three years, and I feel that project management is one of my strongest skills.” 

Do you have experience using CMS software Asana? “No, but I’ve used processes that are similar such as Microsoft Azure and Wrike.”

Practice Your Answers

The only way to perfect and memorize your answers is by practicing them. Practice your interview until it’s perfect. Set up a mock interview with your friends or spouses, so that they can provide you with honest feedback!

Have Questions Prepared

I never understood how important it’s to ask questions at an interview until I started doing so. At the end of your interview, you should ask at least five questions. Asking questions demonstrates a willingness to learn, and also lets the employer know that you are excited about the position. Great questions will leave a lasting impression on your interviewer.

Examples of common interview questions:

Tell me about yourself” The key is to keep it short and sweet. Pro-tip: if you can, end it with a statement that relates back to the job.

Why are you interested in this role?

– What are your strengths and weaknesses?
(Have your top 3 strengths and weaknesses ready to discuss. They usually ask for only one, but it’s better to be prepared!)

– Describe a time when you were faced with a difficult challenge. How did you handle it?

The purpose of this question is to assess how well you work with a team, your solo projects, challenges, and how you overcome challenges.

Pro Tip: Have examples ready!

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