Have you ever given up on something you loved because you were afraid of the outcome? Although we all experience fear, it should never stop you from living your life. When you fear things such as failure, rejection, or judgement, it can prevent you from doing the things you love.

Identify The Root Of Your Fear
Fears don’t come out of nowhere. There must be a reason why you feel the way you do. Understanding the root of your fears can help you overcome them. Is your fear due to a specific trauma or negative experience? Or are your fears coming from negative thoughts or insecurities? Once you understand what caused it, write down 3-5 steps you can immediately take to overcome it.

Embrace The Feeling

Instead of dismissing your fears, let yourself embrace the emotions you’re experiencing. When you give yourself a moment feel the fear or pain itself, without judging or shaming it, you give more room for positive reinforcement. This makes it easier for you to deal with it without being too harsh on yourself.

Face Your Fear

Fear is a temporary emotion that can be dealt with. Instead of letting the fear control you, find a way to minimize the fear by facing it. The strongest weapon agains such fear is taking action. Welcoming it instead of running away from it. To let yourself be vulnerable, doing what makes you uncomfortable, and taking the steps to act against your negative thoughts. Because when you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.” 

If we understand that these negative thoughts stem from our fear, we can objectively look at that fear and work on understanding why it’s there. Once it’s understood, it is so much easier to deal with.

What are you afraid of, and why?

How doe it make you feel? How is it impacting your life?

Where do you think this fear came from?

Have you always felt this way? If not, when did it start?

What are some steps you can take to overcome it?

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